VRHabilis has a contract with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Emergency Response to provide training on ordnance recognition to local MA First Responders and local authorities. As a part of this agreement, VRH also carried out a surface sweep of Littleneck Island of Chappaquiddick, Edgartown, MA, for ordnance detection.

This educational project includes VRH teams training the First Responders in the appropriate steps to take to any reports of found or suspected ordnance items. VRHabilis teams trained the local teams in the identification of Munitions of Explosive Concern (MEC) and how to sort them as non-ordnance and ordnance. If the items are non-ordnance, the First Responders are taught how to demilitarize, remove and recycle them. If the items are suspected ordnance, the VRH personnel trained the local teams in safe stand-off distances and follow-up actions. After each investigation, the First Responders provide incident reports to the MA Department of Environmental Protection Emergency Response.

Anne Malewicz, Federal Facilities Section Chief for the MA Dept. of Environmental Protection, has stated that “VRH is our secret weapon.  They have surpassed our expectations with their level of expertise and helpfulness.  We greatly appreciate their dedication protecting the public health, safety and the environment.  VRHabilis is, in my opinion, a top notch EOD firm.”