VRHabilis was subcontracted to clear a total of 138 acres of shoreline, both wet and dry, along Lake Erie, in Ohio. During the visual Munitions of Explosive Concern (MEC) shoreline clearance, assisted by the Schonstedt 52CX and GA72CD, a total of 452 munitions items were recovered. All items identified as MEC and deemed ordnance, were demilitarized by demolition, and categorized as Munitions Deemed As Safe (MDAS) for disposal. Both consolidated shots and single item shots were used during demolition activities.

Of the 452 items recovered, only two contained explosive material. The remaining items were dummy, training, or wholly inert munitions, without explosive material.  All of the intact munitions were explosively vented to expose the interior of the weapons, and classified as MDAS. The munitions debris remnants from the items with explosive material were also classified as MDAS. Two dumpsters containing a total of 5,940 pounds of MDAS were sent to the recycler from this shoreline clearance activities.