This project involved performing Underwater Geophysical search, collecting field data in support of the Remedial investigation (RIFS) of Walker Lake/Hawthorne Army Ammunition Depot, Nevada. The purpose was to search for contamination and unexploded ordnance. VRHabilis did “design of work” and “project phase” planning. VRH also assisted the client in getting Sponsor and Regulator acceptance. ¬†VRH worked with the prime contractor to carry out the geophysical data collection. Mobilization consisted of trucks, equipment and boats to a remote Nevada worksite. After setting up safety and operational rally points, VRH underwent and passed a pre-operational diving inspection by the Sacramento district USACE.

The VRH Dive team installed an underwater “instrument verification strip” in accordance with the technical requirements of the geophysical work plan. VRHabilis helped the Geophysical teams in gathering data and the data quality metrics. The VRHabilis dive team carried out an analog search of about 14 miles of underwater area to recover munitions debris and cultural debris. Once the geophysical data had been analyzed, the selected irregularities were inspected and the results recorded. The VRH divers conducted over 50 days of diving in a high altitude environment in a vegetation choked lake without incident.