VRHabilis was hired to give unexploded ordnance (UXO) safety escort services at the Red River Army Depot in Texarkana, Texas. The escort services were provided for personnel who were doing routine groundwater monitoring at this former “open burn” and “open detonation” (OB/OD) Munitions Response Site (MRS).

OB/OD operations are used to destroy surplus, obsolete, or nonfunctional munitions and explosive materials. In open burn operations, the explosives are destroyed by burning. Burning involves placing the items on a flammable substance, soaking the substance and items with an accelerant, and then igniting the area remotely. In open detonation, the munitions are destroyed by adding explosive charges and detonating. Historically in either case, some UXO has not been destroyed.

VRH UXO safety personnel are trained to identify the UXO, discarded military munitions (DMM), munitions constituents (MC) and explosive materials. The UXO Technician gave safe escort to the non-UXO qualified personnel during the course of their duties by detecting unexploded ordnance and other hazards in the path of the escorted party.