In 2007, Elliott Adler and Tom Rancich partnered to found VRHabilis, LLC, with the end goal of maximizing the known attributes of combat veterans and to provide adaptive technology and innovative working situations as a function of productivity to increase employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for disabled vets.

The Mission of VRHabilis

VRHabilis LLC has three primary missions:

  • Provide superior range sustainment, range maintenance, EOD services, and Underwater UXO services to our military, government, and private customers.
  • Provide gateway technology development to bridge the gap between industrial and medical technology to enable disabled veterans to pursue opportunities in their area of interest.
  • Provide a means for large business and the government to meet the 3% set aside for service disabled veteran-owned businesses across a wide spectrum of activity. لعبة الدواره

The Vision of VRHabilis

VRHabilis, LLC, is the predominant Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. This is a result of our valuing the known qualities of veterans above other considerations. هل جوائز جوجل حقيقية Utilizing Mass Customization for Individual Potentialfor the disabled veteran, VRHabilis has created multiple business lines and independent business units capable of capitalizing on a multitude of government and private opportunities.

By utilizing technology, adaptable organization and individual desire, VRHabilis works with equipment manufacturers and construction managers to develop cost-effective solutions to individual disabilities. These solutions are then fielded, adding service disabled veterans to the work force. يورو 2023 مباريات

VRHabilis founders Elliott Adler & Tom Rancich

Company Founders

VRHabilis founders Elliott Adler and Tom Rancich are U.S. Navy veterans with extensive practical and leadership experience in military and civilian demolition, explosive ordnance disposal and deep sea diving. read more

placing concrete blocks for shoreline reinforcement

Qualifications: Safety First!

At VRHabilis, safety comes first! To assure safety and a high level of performance, our employees go through rigorous training both outside the company and internally, in their specialized field. read more

remote control of front-loader

Adaptive Technology Development (ATD)

As defined by VRHabilis LLC, the goal of Mass Customization to Maximize Human Potential is to provide tools to disabled veterans that allow them to pursue their desired careers. read more