Precision Blasting

VRHabilis LLC blast, pulsation and vibration experts have over 65 years of collective experience in controlled demolition and implosion. VRH is the only company to successfully imploded blast-hardened NIKE missile magazines.

Precision Blasting is a division of VRHabilis that grew as a result of our military trained EOD/UXO specialists. We apply the knowledge gained in handling explosives to the commercial and private contracting world.

Collectively, we have over 65 years in handling explosives safely and without incident. With our technical skills and experience, the blasting, pulsation and vibration experts at VRH know how to craft a solution that combines economy, control and safety, minimizes noise, dust and general disturbance while maximizing the end result. VRH has a strong reputation for carrying out the most demanding projects safely and legally; practicing the guidelines required by city, county, state and federal agencies, including MSHA and ATF. We are the only company to have effectively imploded decommissioned, blast-hardened NIKE missile magazines.

VRH Precision Blasting has been accident free since founded in 2007.