Military bases worldwide train their troops with live ordnance often using decommissioned tanks, trucks and other machinery of war as targets.  This training creates an accumulation of scrap metal and unexploded ordnance (UXO), essentially contaminating the land.  In addition, some areas were literally used as “ammo dumps,” repositories of old ordnance no longer of value and in some cases, these properties have passed into ownership by private parties.

UXO / Range Remediation

UXO/Range Remediation is the process of cleaning up and eliminating materials or explosives that are likely hazardous, and restoring the land to its natural beauty.  We at VRH, partner with our clients to design a solution that is unparalleled in the industry for its attention to safety, quality and efficiency.  Our fully qualified UXO Technicians bring years of “boots on the ground” solutions to every project.  No problem is too difficult for us to solve.  And we are proud to say we have never had a UXO-related accident.

Another service we offer is training local authorities in what to do once an anomaly is found and before our crew arrives.  We prepare presentations for the public and provide manuals as resources and reminders of the importance in following procedures where hazardous waste is involved. عمر ليونيل ميسي

UXO Escort 

A UXO Escort is often necessary when construction and development work is done at facilities that may have had Ordnance activity in the past.  Our UXO Technicians can escort crews for the safe navigation of potentially contaminated zones.  Areas can be screened and marked for avoidance or removal if there is limited flexibility in the path needing to be traversed. ماهي الالعاب التي تربح المال  Our team can also work with your project planners to determine the safest and most efficient methods for working in a potentially hazardous UXO environment.

Emergency Response!

Unfortunately, no one can predict when unexploded ordnance is going to resurface and generally found by a person with no experience in handling these potentially dangerous materials. Fully trained in HAZWOPER regulations, UXO characterization, removal, or demolition, our crews are ready and prepared to travel to any site on the continental United States within 24 hours, to handle these emergency situations.  Once there, our UXO Technicians will  secure and identify the found item, then dispose of it properly. اربح المال من الألعاب 2022

Currently, we provide Emergency Response services for the New England and Huntsville District Army Corps of Engineers and also for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Quality.

UXO littering a military firing range

UXO and Range Clearance on Land

VRHabilis crews work to all federal standards, offering unique solutions to UXO location, avoidance and clearance in environments with high levels of magnetic/conductive contamination. read more

Underwater UXO Characterization and Clearance

VRHabilis crews remove scrap, UXO and other contaminants from decommissioned military ranges in order to return these properties to be healthy, sustainable and safe places to live. read more

sorting grenades as part of military range clearance

Munitions Management Planning

Whether it is new range construction or range replacement over existing ranges, VRH can develop a customized, cost effective plan for your organization. read more