VRHabilis provides a large scope of general diving services, which underpin and enhance our more specialized deployments. VRH is internationally renowned for our unrivaled, innovative solutions to underwater problems and in fact, have several patents pending as a result of this cutting edge approach to every challenge. قواعد البوكر

At VRH, we take pride in our experience and in our commitment to safety underwater and on deck. Our continuous in house training and safety programs offer you a workforce that is thoroughly educated in getting the job done right with minimal risk. We are capable and own the equipment for all kinds of diving and select the best of each for every job. Forethought, planning, safety and attention to detail are our highest priorities. 365 كوره

Our ability to serve clients in an efficient, individualized and cost effective manner is unparalleled in this industry. Our financial commitment to our rolling and floating assets ensures we are able to embrace the new challenges and endeavors presented to us by our clients. تعليم البوكر

Underwater UXO

At VRHabilis, we are proud to be an integral part to the solution, that of Underwater Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) location, characterization, and removal.  Our UXO Dive Technicians are dually certified by the U.S. Navy or equivalent, to dive SCUBA and Surface Supplied, or “Deep Sea Diving” any time of the year.  We are capable, and own the equipment, for all kinds of diving and our experience allows us to select the best of each for every job.  Safety, quality, forethought, planning, and attention to detail are our highest priorities.  Because of our innovative modifications of underwater communication systems, when an anomaly is found, our experts and clients are able to see on a monitor what the diver sees and engage him in conversation to create the best solution for remediation.

VRH Emergency Dive Team Services

You have an emergency response situation? Just tell us where and when and we will mobilize our Emergency Dive Team to solve your problem. Fully certified and competent in HAZWOPER regulations, UXO characterization, removal, or demolition, our crew can handle any situation and arrive on the job site within 24 hours in the continental United States. Members of our dive team worked on the investigation and salvage of the Challenger Space Shuttle and the Flight 800 disaster.

diver assist in bank reconstruction

Underwater Environmental Remediation

Our underwater environmental services include shoreline stabilization, underwater construction and removal of waste or hazardous materials. read more

diver with cameras attached to helmet

Underwater UXO RI/FS and TCRA

VRHabilis divers are experts at retrieving items lost underwater such as critical machinery and tools, evidence recovery for law enforcement, or salvage. read more

Specialized Underwater Dive Services

VRH can provide divers for a wide range of specialized pursuits, from location and recovery, underwater inspection, underwater Geophysical mapping to soil sampling and survey and testing. read more