VRHabilis has experience in all phases of Military Range Management and Remediation, including project scoping; remedial investigation (RI); interim remedial measure (IRM) evaluation; engineering evaluation/cost analyses (EE/CAs); feasibility studies (FSs); and removal and remedial action implementation. We have extensive experience performing UXO clearance activities on active, inactive and formerly used military firing ranges, bombing, artillery, and gunnery ranges, and where discarded military munitions may have been stored, decommissioned and buried, on both land and under water, providing services to the US Navy, US Army, DoD, USACE and other federal agencies and private clients.

diver assist in bank reconstruction

Shoreline Stabilization, Rock River, Route 2 between Byron and Oregon, IL

VRHabilis installed concrete revetment mats both above and below the water line on the Rock River, along Highway 2 near Byron, Illinois. This innovative project allows for the expansion of the Highway and protects the river banks from ice floes and high water erosion. read more

locating & removing buried UXO in Nantucket

Nantucket UXO Removal, Nantucket Island, MA

Following a geophysical survey of private property to detect sub-surface metallic objects, VRHabilis investigated potential MEC/MPPEH targets and cleared all UXO. The unexploded ordnance consisted of rockets from WWII, when the area was used as a naval firing range. read more

the dive boat Tritoon and the chase boat Lulu

RI/FS, Underwater UXO, Martha's Vineyard, MA

Using GPS and patented HeckHousing™ for underwater magnetometers, VRH investigated off-shore anomalies in 30-60' of seawater and recovered 114 pieces of MEC/MPPEH. read more

preparing to dive for UXO in frozen lake

Underwater UXO Clearance, Alderwood Lake, Fort McCoy, WI

VRHabilis conducted an underwater UXO survey and clearance of Alderwood Lake in Wisconsin. The lake's 4'6" depth and 22" ice depth made diving under the ice a challenge; VRHabilis responded with an innovative plan. read more

hauling underwater UXO from the surf

Underwater UXO Time Critical Location and Removal, Martha's Vineyard, MA

VRHabilis conducted time critical-removal underwater UXO location and removal in the coastal waters off the southern coast of Martha's Vineyard, and trained local personnel in UXO awareness and avoidance. read more

removing hazardous waste from Nike missile bay before demolition

Implosion using Precision Blasting, NIKE Missile Magazines

VRHabilis demolished a hardened underground Nike missile site. After removing all asbestos and POL, VRH deconstructed contaminated machinery, explosively demolished the magazines, and restored the site to its original condition. read more

Additional Projects