Mass Customization to Maximize Human Potential™

In the past, the concept of “Mass Customization” has been defined as “producing goods and services to meet individual customer’s needs with near mass production efficiency. As defined by VRHabilis LLC, Mass Customization to Maximize Human Potential seeks to provide tools to disabled veterans that allow them to pursue their desired careers. For instance, instead of using a computer ordering model to tell a manufacturer what color seats you want in a car, it will tell the manufacturer what adaptive technology a truck needs to make it useful to a veteran with a specific set of disabilities.

The founders of VRHabilis LLC coined the term “Adaptive Technology” as it relates to disabled veterans to illustrate the technology that bridges the gap between medical and industrial technology. The goal of ATD is to provide severely disabled veterans with employment opportunities in their chosen field of interest. فريق البير ميونخ Those opportunities may be as a VRH employee or as an independent contractor. حصان سباق We will work with the veteran and industry to establish the required adaptive technology to provide the veteran with the means to pursue their goals. رسوم ابل باي

Currently, VRH is working with remote control technology to allow disabled veterans to work in our other divisions as well as in excavation and light construction.